BeadWORKS Kenya

Something BIG has been in the works, and now it's time to share! 

Crossbow Leather has partnered with BeadWORKS, an ethical enterprise supporting women, wildlife, and conservation in northern Kenya. This organization empowers women and diversifies family income by creating a market for their traditional beadwork. Every BeadWORKS item is handmade by one of over 1000 women artisans in their communities, not in factories.
In an effort to expand their product line into beaded leatherwork, I will be traveling to Kenya on February 17th for two weeks to visit the artisans and teach a series of intensive workshops. I am so excited that my passion and skill set can translate into much needed income for women, and lead me on such an incredible adventure. I look forward to sharing this journey with you, and spreading awareness of the power of being an artisan around the globe.
I will be keeping a log of my experience right here, so stay tuned for stories and photos!

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