Bwindi Weaving Story

In 2018, Macy extended her travels after her second trip to visit BeadWORKS Kenya. She traveled to Uganda to the Bwindi Impenetrable forest to see the wild mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. 

What caught her attention is the active commitment the local people have to helping the government conserve these lands. They see the benefits of the gorilla tourism positively affecting their communities by bringing money to the lodges and the local craftspeople. 

For Macy, she saw an opportunity to help the women gain traction in selling their baskets not just in the communities, but internationally.  To share their stories and their impressive skills. To give them an alternative source of income so they no longer have to rely on subsistence farming which is the leading factor of the degradation of the Bwindi Impermeable forest.  With an alternative income, they are able to live in harmony with the gorillas, and encourage the tourist industry that is traveling to the area to go gorilla trekking. 

These small lifestyle changes make astronomical differences in the realm of land and animal conservation. The mountain gorilla is considered "critically endangered" with only around 800 left in the world. If we can continue to support and encourage alternative sources of income for the communities in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest, the mountain gorillas could begin to strive once again.