How It's Made

Each product is conceptualized, designed and created in our workshop in Telluride, Colorado.  Every design is original and created with function and structure in mind.  We are constantly observing; on a mission to create a reliable sidekick to join you, and add a little flair to your wild ride through life.
Prototyping each product goes as follows:
1. Sketch and measure
2. Select leather
3. Hand cut template, trace onto leather and hand cut the leather components
4. Assemble by hand stitching, stitching on machine, or rivets/grommets/snaps/studs
5. Finish by burning all the string ends, sand, edge kote, wax, buff, shine, love
6. Wrap up in our small handmade textile bags, made with collected textiles from around the world! No two are the same, just like the leather goodie it holds inside.
7. Ship to you! 
Leather is hand picked based on what type works best with the product design.  When we design a new product, we will take a trip to the leather shop to get our hands on all the different types so we can choose which works best for the design.  We primarily use two types of leather: Glovetan, a more subtle leather for the bags, and Latigo, a stiffer bridal leather for the wallets.  Both types of leather are infused with oils and waxes in the tanning process which ensures their strength, longevity, and gives them a water-resistant characteristic. With love, passion and consideration for the environment, we pay particular attention to where we source our leather, and how it is tanned.  Because we are purchasing our leather from the US or Mexico, it is essentially a bi-product of the meat industry. The majority of the leather we use is vegetable-tanned. This is a process that uses tannins found in organic matters such as bark, wood, roots and fruit and therefore do not contain the harsh toxic chemicals found in other processes.