traditional table tray

Bwindi Weavers

This tight weave table tray is handmade by the women in the Nkuringo Community in Uganda. It is made from natural straw or raffia, and each pattern is one-of-a-kind, expressing the creative mind of the maker.  

The Nkuringo community is located in the middle of the Bwindi Impermeable Forest in Uganda. The local community has a huge impact on the conservation of gorillas in this area.  It is in efforts to employ the local people in the tourist lodges, and to support the artisan crafts, that allow the gorillas to stay safe in their natural habitat and not be pushed out by poaching or agricultural purposes.

Dimensions: 12.5” diameter

To see photos and read more about the women artisans in Uganda, click here

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***due to nature of handmade craft, all products may vary slightly.

Type: Tray

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